"I was born in St Catharines although I grew up mostly in Burlington,  I did a Business and Economics degree at Brock (by fluke!) and an MBA at Laurier (on purpose). I've moved over 20 times in my life - including living in Collingwood twice - so I hope to stay put for a while. I'm a voracious reader, a perpetual student and an occasional gardener. I also love to dogsit.
I used to ride a Harley Davidson with my camping gear on the back, and had several vacations following the Blue Jays on road trips. A fond memory is watching the Jays at the old Comiskey Park in Chicago when an approaching storm plunged the park into darkness. Using the emergency sound system Nancy Faust, the famous organist for the White Sox, immediately plunged into Phantom of the Opera, proving yet again her ability to match her tune to the situation on the field.
I have 2 stepkids from a previous relationship with whom I still spend holidays and family celebrations.  One has a child of his own (am I stepgrandma?) and the other has 3 stepchildren of her own. What is the correct term for your stepchild's stepchildren?
I've been in, and a little out, of Rotary for over 20 years. My first club in St Catharines was a small but mighty breakfast club that did a lot of hands-on work. Just like this club we had a wonderful tradition of blending male and female members and we started our day with lots of laughs. I love the variety of ways to be involved with Rotary, and the Foundation is a particular passion. I'm honoured to be able to have a turn as President of our amazing club."