PDG John Van Laar of the Rotary Club of Collingwood South Georgian Bay, recently received an award from Cebu City, in recognition of his deep commitment and humanitarian service to the underprivileged.  Together with his active service partners, he has improved the lives of street children and out of school youths in depressed areas.


JOHN VAN LAAR is the founder of the Back to School  program-  2007 to present.    He has been involved in educating thousands of out of school children, and has assisted in upgrading the capabilities of health workers through donations of medical equipment, medicines and instruments.   He is the  “superman of matching grants” ,  helping to supply a Fire Engine,  and a dental mobile van. There are plans to establish a mobile eye clinic.

John was one of the leaders of the Dengue eradication program for the whole Island of Cebu.


“At 86 years of age, John should be taking it easy and enjoying his retirement, but  he can’t seem to stop seeking more ways to help the poor, the helpless and the forgotten."